We Believe

Learn How Our Core Beliefs Drive Our Mission.
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Healthy Behavior
We believe that a healthy brain and a healthy mind produce healthy behavior!
Behavior Change
We believe that behavior change starts first by changing the brain and then changing the mind!
Positive Change
We believe positive change is possible, even in the worse-case scenarios!
Worth It
We believe that the effort needed to overcome life’s largest challenges is worth it!
Right to Participate
We believe everyone has a right to participate!
We believe that everyone has an upward call (purpose) in life and a desire to pursue it!
We believe in the God-given dignity of every man, woman, and child!
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Affordable Change
We believe rehabilitation care should be affordable.
The Process
The First Step Is Often the Hardest. We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way
Home Health
We are a concierge rehabilitation service:

We can visit with you in the comfort of your own home.
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One of our therapists will meet with you over the phone for an initial consultation.
We will complete an evaluation of therapy needs. (Remote sessions available by skype or Facetime if needed). Initial evaluations generally take between 60-90 minutes.
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Within 3 business days following your evaluation, you will receive a phone call to review the results of your initial assessment.
Treatment Plan
If we can help you achieve your rehabilitation goals, we will propose a treatment plan including a prognosis, a timeline based on the recommended treatment frequency, intensity, and duration of care.
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Behavior Change
Although the overall treatment style is holistic, our methods are to address your brain and then your mind which will then influence (and drive) behavior change.
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Office hours
Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: By appointment only


Need to meet outside of office hours? Just ask!


    OUR Services
    We Will Create a Treatment Plan that Works for You.
    For Children
    Developmental Delay
    If your child has a developmental delay that is affecting his or her ability to participate in play, school, or home or community activities, we can help! If your child has a sensory processing disorder, we can help! There are many strategies to overcome the limitations on performance of a child with a developmental delay or a sensory processing disorder.
    Interactive Metronome
    This is a specific neuro-modulation rehab modality that our therapists are certified to administer. Interactive Metronome (IM) is a well-researched (evidence-based) therapy that may benefit you. For more information, visit https://www.interactivemetronome.com

    For Adults
    Find Yourself
    Upward Call wants to help you find yourself, be yourself, and separate from unhealthy (toxic) relationships. Do you lose yourself in others? Is your life muted so other people’s lives are accentuated? Does your empathic personality style seem to get attached to all the wrong people? Your brain may be “trauma bonded” to abusers in your life and you do not have to stay stuck. We are here to help you through the journey of self-awareness and self-love. You only get this one life and we want to help you make it count!
    Mental Toughness Training
    Sometimes life circumstances are overwhelming and we wish we had the mental toughness to be resilient enough to weather the emotional storms. Upward Call is here to help!

    For Families
    Family Game Night
    Allow one of our therapists to come to your home and facilitate positive family interactions through a customized GAME NIGHT! We recommend four one- hour sessions for your family, one session per week for four continuous weeks. This is a great investment!

    12 Step Recovery Guidance
    Are you or a loved one dealing with addiction and the cascade of social, emotional, relational, and financial problems related to addiction? Upward Call can help you! We know the stress and the drama involved in the day by day walk toward sober living. Allow us to partner with you and offer brain, mind, and behavior modification interventions. Your (or your loved one’s) recovery is important and life-long sobriety and healthy living is possible. We are well-versed in 12-step language and want to apply our neuro-rehab techniques to facilitate faster, and more sustainable, recovery to those dealing with addiction. We are also here to help the loved ones of the recovering alcoholic or addict. You are often forgotten in the throes of addiction. We want to help you get and stay strong. This is a long journey and you will need support.
    Anger Management
    Upward Call Rehabilitation, Inc. has three tiers of anger management programming: (a) 4-week (b) 6-week or (c) 8-week. Each week includes one or two face-to-face meetings (~60 minutes) with follow-up home exercises and an optional mid-week phone call. Often the root issue of any number of behavioral problems is uncontrolled anger stemming from unprocessed emotions. Anger does not have to ruin your life. There are ways to change the brain’s response to triggers. Let our experts help you get a grip on anger.
    Wellness Retreats
    Upward Call is in the process of buying property so we will have facilities to host retreats. If you are interested in having Upward Call run a retreat for you at a location of your choosing (before we establish facilities of our own), please let us know! We can come to you and run the retreat for you!

    Our News

    Recover in Color was released in February of 2022. It has already had an incredible impact on readers. Today, we are happy to announce the release of the Recover in Color audiobook.
    Listen Now

    Upward Call is pleased to announce the release of Dr. Yancosek’s latest book, Recover in Color. This project began as a 2020 quarantine project. It was born of love and compassion for those struggling with the chaos and confusion of life. May this interactive book equip you to sail through life with skills to navigate the storms and high tides of your journey. Available for purchase on Amazon.

    Dr. Yancosek’s recent publications also include Grace & Mercy: A Devotional Journey. This book is a unique look at the ins and outs and ups and downs of life. Now available for purchase on AmazonBarnes & Noble or Google Play Bookstore.